Covid info

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It is possible to provide accommodation services to everyone.
It is no longer necessary to prove yourself with a test or certificate of vaccination.

As a community with wellness in our facilities, our highest priority is to take care of your health, safety and contentment.

The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 creates confusing time for travel. As the situation develops, we carefully follow the official guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Czech Ministries of Health and Tourism and work with local authorities. We want to make sure that what we do is right, comprehensive and effective.

We have now designed and implemented an integrated health and safety plan that sets out all measures, specifications and procedures across all hotel departments to address COVID-19 and any diseases that can be transmitted in the community.


If you plan to stay at Felicity Hotels, we want to assure you that we live by responsible and caring values. We take care of our guests and staff and comply with our high standards of hygiene, sanitation and cleaning. In addition, we implement other measures based on the recommendations of local health authorities.

Our chefs focus on serving nutritious and delicious fresh food, which they always prepare safely. In addition to predetermined cleaning procedures, the employees take extra steps so that you feel good with us and enjoy your stay with all the services that belong to it. Even our massage therapists stay on hand to provide you with a complete service.


The COVID-19 protocol, which we have introduced at Felicity Hotels, serves to ensure the safety and reassurance of our guests and employees. This protocol is listed below:

To prevent an infected person from entering the resort, guests are required to:
wash and disinfect your hands at the medical station in the parking lot
Always wear a veil to allow them to measure their temperature with a thermal scanner.

If the guests’ temperature falls within the normal range and show no symptoms, they can continue at the reception.

You can stay with us if you meet one of the following conditions:

It is possible to provide accommodation services to all who have no symptoms of covid-19 and prove that they meet one of the conditions (this does not apply to children under 12 years of age), which are described in the ŽS O-N- (T) system: vaccination – past disease – (test).


Guests will be seated in the lobby, where they will complete a simple and quick document.

Reception: All items at the reception (pen, pads, computer, telephones, payment terminal, disinfectant) are disinfected before any interaction with the guest. Our staff also uses disinfection on their hands.

All guests are kindly requested to disinfect their hands and credit cards before interacting with our staff. All payment terminals are disinfected before and after each use.


We have implemented deep cleaning, sanitation and disinfection protocols in all guest rooms and bathrooms, especially in areas with a high frequency of contact, using suitable disinfectants.

Before the arrival of guests, the entire surface of equipment, furniture, taps and all other things in the room is sanitized.

Unused disposable items, such as guest amenities, are discarded and all furniture made from the fabric is disinfected with steam cleaners and disinfectants, while the rooms will be ventilated after the guest has checked out.

All room linen that may be potentially contaminated will be stored in separate labeled bags and washed at 60-90 ° C.

Employees have access to hand (alcohol-based) disinfectants in the back of the house.

When staff clean and refill rooms, they are provided with protective equipment such as protective gloves and face masks.


Our employees adhere to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene and strict principles of personal hygiene.

After each service, the surfaces and furniture of all restaurants are disinfected. After each session, the tables are cleaned and disinfected.

Seating capacity is limited. The tables are arranged so that there can be a maximum of 4 people per 10 m2. Room service is available for guests who prefer a private dinner.

Used dishes and cutlery are placed in the dishwasher and washed at the highest temperature according to the required standards.


In the area of wellness, we have introduced protocols for deep cleaning, sanitation and disinfection, especially areas with a high frequency of contact, such as sitting and loungers using suitable disinfectants, disinfecting after their use. The spa area is now only available for private use to avoid meeting larger groups of people.

Hygienic standards for whirlpools remain at the highest level. Careful adherence to and supervision of all our procedures, such as frequent recirculation of water every 4 hours, frequent measurement of chlorine to check its levels, water change, pH control, etc.


Alcoholic hand sanitizers are available for guests and staff in various areas of our hotels. Such areas include hotel entrance, reception, lobby, corridors, restaurants, children’s playrooms, spas, etc.


Social distance actions can involve restricting large groups of people who meet. Guests / customers with health problems may want to avoid a common environment such as a gym or health club. Staff in the hotel’s public areas remind our guests to keep a distance of at least 1.5 m. To ensure the right distances, our hotels will operate at a lower occupancy in the coming months.


Our hotel managers and employees have been trained in safety and health. In each hotel we have created an internal reaction team, which consists of employees from each department. These employees are responsible for all aspects of safety and health and maintain the operation of the hotel. All Felicity Hotels employees receive ongoing training on safety and health measures to ensure a carefree and safe stay for our guests. We implement the POSI (Prevent of Spread of Infection) guide and all procedures and preventive measures.


In all our hotels, there is an extensive campaign with principles of health and safety measures throughout the building, which describe ways to prevent the spread of bacteria, as well as a brochure on COVID-19 and its containment in every guest room.