Make your stay in the mountains more pleasant in the wellness
Felicity Spa offers you the opportunity to relax, unwind from everyday worries and stresses. Whirlpool, sauna world, hydrotherapy and various massages, we all have it under one roof. Take a look at the photo gallery and choose the procedures that will please you. Don’t you know yet? It does not matter. The entire Felicity spa center is ready for you. Everyone will find a place to relax with us. Do you long for private wellness? Contact us at +420 777 813 183 or write to e-mail hotel.grand@felicity.cz, we will arrange everything. Nothing is a problem. We look forward to you.


Strengthen your immunity and get rid of gloomy thoughts

Finnish sauna

The traditional sauna with a temperature of 85-90 ° C has been known for its beneficial effects for centuries. Warm up your body and cool it in the cooling pool. Sweating will wash away toxic substances from your body, blood circulation to the skin and overall relaxation. Regular sauna and hardening will improve your body’s immunity.

Steam aroma sauna

The steam sauna, a warm mist bath, is heated to 45 ° C. Humidity in it reaches values of up to 100%. Hot steam has a beneficial effect on the health of your skin. It will help you cleanse pores, treat acne, cellulite, etc. It is a wonderful means of relaxation, stimulates vital functions, generally rejuvenates the body and supports weight reduction. Other healing effects of the steam sauna include muscle and mental relaxation, help with joint pain, detoxification, accelerated metabolism, skin cleansing, refreshment, overall recovery. If you haven’t visited it yet, it’s high time.

Infra sauna

The infrared sauna is an ideal place for all those who cannot use the classic saunas for health reasons. These are, for example, cardiac patients or asthmatics. At a temperature of 50-60 ° C, we recommend staying in it for 20-40 minutes. By using the infrared sauna regularly, you will relieve muscles, get rid of joint stiffness and you will have a perfect feeling of physical, mental and mental well-being.


Well-being, relaxation, fun .. don't miss it!

Anyone who has spent a few moments in a whirlpool will always find an excuse to return to it. You can relax with up to 5 friends in the 36 ° C-heated bath. You will enjoy moments of well-being in the middle of bubbles with a glass of champagne. Relax your muscles after a day of effort in the whirlpool.


Take care of your body

Healing touches of the body of various intensities from gentle energy to deep massage release tension, calm the mind and regenerate the skin. Noble and fragrant oils will continue to work intensively for many hours, depending on their specific effect, where they are needed. Treat yourself to a massage to your liking.

Kneipp pavement

Get rid of ice leg syndrome

The Kneipp path is an increasingly sought-after, purely natural hydrotherapy procedure discovered by healer Sebastian Kneipp. Two specially prepared pools or streams with pebbles will surprise you with hot 40 ° C water and cold 12 ° C water. This simple and very effective therapy will bleed not only your legs but also your whole body, improve metabolism and blood circulation. Step first into hot water for 1 minute and then cold for 5 seconds. Repeat the cycle several times and finally wipe your feet dry. Get rid of cold feet syndrome and headaches quickly and easily.