Purify your body and mind
Do you need to switch off and relax for a while? Book an appointment in the hotel’s private Finnish sauna. The wide benches offer comfortable lying for a couple or 5 people sitting.

Finnish sauna

Staying in the sauna will set you on fire

A stay in the Finnish sauna, which easily follows the tradition of the Russian banja, serves to perfectly cleanse the body and mind. Thorough warming up in the sauna relaxes stiff muscles, calms the mind and body. You will often find yourself in a phase of deep rest. During the sauna, there is significant sweating, flushing of toxic substances from the body, blood circulation to the skin and general relaxation. Regular sauna and subsequent hardening in cold water improves the body’s immunity.

Thanks to the wide benches, our hotel sauna can be visited by up to 5 people sitting at one time. If you come in pairs, you can each lie down on your bench. Make a reservation at reservations@felicity.cz or grand.apartments@felicity.cz or call us directly at +420 777 813 183. The heated sauna is already waiting for you.

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