Spa & Relax

To make your stay more accessible, we offer the use of the services of our Spa & Relax Center. Prepare for relaxation and rest, rest from everyday worries and stress.

In the spring of 2012, our wellness underwent extensive reconstruction, guaranteed maximum relaxation. Thanks to the exclusive reservation, you can relax in privacy in the hotel's Spa Center and, accompanied by relaxing music, try the romantic whirlpool or the healing sauna with the scent of local spruces. You can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and deep rest even with massages.

We will be happy to book massages of your choice from our offer. Guests have the option of registering a bathrobe for the entire stay.

Finnish Sauna

There is a Finnish Sauna (85-90 ° C) with a cooling pool in close proximity, whose beneficial effects have been known for centuries. During your session, the body will perspire and sweat. This is completely normal and one of the ways our bodies flush out toxins, increase blood circulation and relax and soothe our muscles. Using a Finnish Sauna regularly also improves body immunity.


One of our most popular features at the Hotel Sněžka. The Whirlpool hot tub seats 4 people, where you can enjoy a water therapy massage while relaxing with your friends. The soothing water temperature of 36˚ C has a positive and revitalising effect on your muscles, after a day of exertion on the slopes or walking in the hills. To complete the experience, we recommend a glass of champagne for 2.


Healing touch calms the mind, relieves tension and regenerates the skin. All of our body massages vary in intensity from gentle energy to deep tissue massage.

Each therapist is trained to identify specific target or problem areas of the body that occur after long periods of intensive work, along with selecting the best essential oil to help soothe and comfort you, in places where they are needed the most.

Hours wellness centre:

Daily: 9.00 to 21.30 hours