Menu V Uličce


Baked goat cheese with walnuts, beetroot and balsamico, toast

259,00 CZK

Beef tartar with 4pc. toasted bread and garlic

269,00 CZK

Sliced smoked pork with plum chutney, onion bread

199,00 CZK



Chicken broth with homemade noodles and vegetable jullienne           

79,00 CZK

Homemade potato soup with mushrooms and vegetable

85,00 CZK

Soup of the day

75,00 CZK



Caesar salad with roasted chicken brust, bacon, parmasan cheese and bread croutons

265,00 CZK

Leave salad with goat cheese, walnut, cranberries, toast

259,00 CZK

Vegetable salad with grilled chicken liver and yogurt dip, toast

245,00 CZK


Main Courses

Codfish fillet with lemon butter and fresh herbs, parsley potatoes

269,00 CZK

Fish&Chips (breaded fish chunks with french fries)

249,00 CZK

Roast chicken breast with grilled vegetable, herb bulgur

279,00 CZK

Roast pork tenderloin medaillons, creamy sauce with onion and pepper, potato pancakes

295,00 CZK

Roast pork ribs with BBQ sauce, toasted onion bread

329,00 CZK

Fried pork schnitzel from tenderloin, parsley potatoes

319,00 CZK

Special Spindler-game goulash, bacon dumplings

285,00 CZK

Burger "Grand" beef meat, bacon, cheddar, with french fries, housemade tartar sauce

359,00 CZK

Rumpsteak with pepper sauce, roasted potatoes with bacon and onion

429,00 CZK

Spaghetti aglio e olio (with chilli, pancetta and parmasan)

239,00 CZK

Confited duck leg with stewed cabbage, bacon dumplings

359,00 CZK


Vegetarian dishes

Herb bulgur with grilled vegetable, dried tomatoes and parmasan

239,00 CZK

Fried cheese with french fries, housemade tartar sauce

269,00 CZK

3 Pc. Homemade blueberry dumplings with sweet curd nad butter

215,00 CZK


Small dishes

Toasted bread with chicken liver nad roasted onion

139,00 CZK

Potato chips mit hausgemachte housemade tartar sauce

139,00 CZK


For kids

Fried chicken breast with french fries and ketchup

155,00 CZK

Spaghetti with ham and tomato sauce

149,00 CZK

2 Pc. Homemade blueberry dumplings with sweet curd nad butter

155,00 CZK



Gingerbread pancakes with sauercream and blueberries

135,00 CZK

Apfelstrudel with whipped cream, hot served

119,00 CZK

Homemade pie of the day

109,00 CZK


Extra side dishes

French fries

85,00 CZK

Roast potatoes with bacon and onion

95,00 CZK

Herb bulgur

85,00 CZK

Parsley potatoes

79,00 CZK

Mixed small salad

95,00 CZK


39,00 CZK

Housemade tartar sauce

49,00 CZK