Felicity SPA

To make your stay comfortable, we offer the services of our brand-new Felicity Spa Centre. It offers relaxation and resting from everyday worries and stress.

Relax and recharge your energy for the next few days in the Jacuzzi or in several saunas. In our new wellness, there must be hydrotherapy that blood sets the legs and increases immunity - the Kneipp walkway.

You can also enjoy moments of absolute relaxation and deep recreation even with massages. We will be pleased to book massages of your choice from our offer.

Guests can rent a bathrobe for the duration of their stay.

Finnish sauna

A Finnish sauna (85-90 ° C) with a cooling pool is available to guests, the beneficial effects of which have been known for centuries. During sauna, there is a significant sweating, toxic swellings from the body, blood circulation and whole body relaxation. Regular sauna and hardening improves the body's immunity.

Steam aroma Sauna

Steam sauna is a warm fog (about 45 ° C, humidity up to 100%), similar to a sauna. Compared with the classic sauna, it is not so hot and is much damp. Hot steam has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin, helps to cleanse pores, treat cellulite, acne, etc. It is a good way to relax, stimulates vital functions, rejuvenates the body and supports weight reduction. The effects of the steam sauna include muscle and psychic relaxation, help with muscle or joint pain, detoxification, metabolism acceleration, skin cleansing, refreshment, overall recovery.

Infra Sauna

The habitation time in an infrasauna is usually recommended for approximately 20-40 minutes at temperatures of 50-60 ° C. Due to lower temperatures, infrared saunas are more accessible to people who can not use classic saunas (cardiac, asthmatic) for health reasons.

By regularly using it, you will relieve your muscles, relieve the stiffness of the joints and have a perfect feeling of physical, mental and psychological well-being.




There is also a popular massage whirlpool for 6 people, where you can relax with friends. Pleasant water temperature of 36 ˚C has a positive effect on the relaxation of the muscles after a full day of exertion and guarantees an excellent way of relaxation. To enhance the relaxation experience, a glass of champagne is recommended.

Kneipp Pavement

It is one of the hydrotherapy procedures that has integrated natural healing system that includes hydrotherapy, body movement, eating and natural lifestyle. Mr. Kneipp life philosophy is still popular, and some of his healing techniques, such as his pavement, are still used today.

The Kneipp Pavement consists of two tanks: the most commonly two specially modified pools or pebbles with pebbles. As Kneipp's hydrotherapy is typical, alternating cold and warm water is used. In one tank there is water at about 40 ° C, in another water at about 12 ° C.


Healing body touches of varying intensity from delicate energy to deep massage relax stress, calm the mind and regenerate the skin. The noble and fragrant oils will continue to work for hours longer depending on their specific effect in places where they are needed.

Opening hours of the wellness centre: Daily: 14.00 - 21.00

Exclusive Felicity SPA rent

Thanks to an exclusive reservation, you can relax privately in the hotel's Spa Centre and enjoy a romantic whirlpool or one healing spa with the aromas of local spruces accompanied by relaxing music.

Price includes:

  • Exclusive reservation of the entire spa area
  • A bottle of prosecco
  • Fruit Bowl


The times of private wellness can be booked at reception.

Reservations at:
  +420 777 813 183 or hotel.grand@felicity.cz