Corporate Party

Corporate Party at the Hotel Sněžka 

Come celebrate the completion of another year with your company with all the trimmings.

We close the entire hotel exclusively, arrange for you a DJ or live music.

We will prepare a special Christmas event for your employees and colleagues and served at your chosen banquet variation and cocktails ... and if needed, we will arrange for you and transport from Prague and back.

Gastronomy You can choose from the following options:

  • Welcome cocktail (Mulled wine and canapés) / price is 140 CZK per person without VAT
  • 4-course tasting menu from the current supply / price is from 1 090 CZK per person without VAT
  • 3-course menu / price is from 290 CZK per person without VAT
  • Receptions variations according to your requirements price is from 350 CZK per person without VAT
  • Wine and Cheese Bar from 6 900 CZK without VAT

Proposing activities:

  • DJ oder Live-Band ( nur im Fall eines ausschließlichen Vermiethotel )
  • Photocorner
  • Fireworks
  • Fire show
  • Wine tasting, cognac or prossecca

For a specific quotation please contact our team via e-mail

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